What clients want from a law firm website?

Aug 7th, 2014 | Law Firm Marketing, Legal Marketing in Brief

In fact, the truth is more than half (56%) of clients never visit their law firm’s website. Remember, clients expect to learn everything they need to know from their partner. There’s no need to go to the site.

That’s from Michael Rynowecer of BTI, writer of one of the better practice management blogs, the Mad Clientist. http://www.btibuzz.com/buzz/2014/6/17/attention-law-firms-clients-dont-care-about-your-website.html

His statistics and observations confirm what our client surveys most always reveal–clients want information sent directly to them by their firm and partner about legal issues affecting their day-to-day operations. Firms with the most robust referral networks,  lower client attrition rates and higher billing rates do this, our data reveals.  Every firm needs a client alert system, and an e-newsletter program of some sort. This made easy by having a solid marketing database in place.

Rynowecer also points out the importance of easily found attorney bios in his post.  This is one of the 50-plus best practices we check when writing and updating law firm marketing plans.  Based on this recommendation, one of our clients now has an attorney bio gallery as its home page.  See it at www.mgjlaw.com

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