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There is no cookie-cutter answer to what the best mix of marketing tactics may be for your law firm. We have to take care and jointly discover, through internal and external research and surveys, an approach that will be consistent with your firm’s culture and reputation.

We can do this in conjunction with your in-house marketing professional, or before you hire one, discovering in the process what skill would be best for you to hire to fulfill that role.

Our marketing plans include measurable benchmarks so a firm can track progress over time. After all, you can’t evaluate what you don’t measure.

We begin with a customized online survey of your lawyers and any key professional personnel to obtain as wide a view as possible of your current, past, planned and contemplated business development efforts.

We then survey clients via email asking questions about your market position, the other firms your clients retain, client service and satisfaction. Results of your survey are then presented and compared with the results we have received from several thousand other clients of similar firms for which we have recently conducted similar surveys.

We also review your firm’s current and past business development efforts and expenditures. These are then compared with local competitors, as best possible, and with market leaders of firms similar to your firm in other cities.

The resulting plan includes marketing goals jointly agreed to, lists the specific action items necessary to accomplish each goal, sets deadlines and assigns responsible parties for each action item. Out-of-pocket costs for each action item are listed in a proposed budget.

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