Best Practices Review

Let us audit your program so your in-house team can evaluate its marketing efforts.

Firms with formal marketing programs and inhouse marketers often hire us to conduct a Best Practices Review. Over time, in-house marketers will see weaknesses in a program. However, for a variety of reasons, they may be unable to convince the partnership to change direction or make marketing infrastructure investments. A third party opinion, backed by data and experiences of other similarly situated firms, may be what’s needed. As well, the press of day-to-day business development makes it difficult for practicing lawyers and in-house marketers to step back and obtain needed perspective.

We review a firm’s current and past business development efforts and expenditures compared against our ever-evolving 75+-point proprietary best practices checklist. We also make comparisons to identified competitors, as best possible, and with market leaders in other cities with business models similar to your firm’s. Our reviews are detailed and include analysis of past advertisements; blogs; website analytics, content, source code, search engine optimization/link building, memos, reports on business development, club, trade, community group memberships and sponsorships; print and online directory listings; social media presence; seminar outlines; speech summaries; articles; newsletters, alerts, publications; press and other announcements; plus your database/mailing list and its management.

We combine this information and present competitive comparisons, website analysis, public relations, advertising, personal selling, social media and online marketing observations and recommendations with associated costs.

Contact us to determine the best way for your firm to start improving its marketing efforts.

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