New Tactics for 2013 Based on Advertising Age Report

Nov 14th, 2012 | Law Firm Marketing, Legal Marketing in Brief

A special report by Advertising Age, our own research and a recent survey from AVVO/LexBlog may affect how you look at your law firm’s 2013 (and beyond) marketing budget and tactics.
AVVO and our own surveys show the majority of time and money spent by most law firms on marketing is now related to online media– sites (think mobile), blogs, e-alerts and e-events. 
Ad age says to think small, too. By 2017,  85 percent of the world will be covered by 3G and half by 4G. Three billion smartphone users will contribute to data traffic 15 times heavier than today. The most important screen just may be the one in your pocket.
What does your bio look like on a tablet?, on a phone? Does your law firm marketing plan address the promotional shift to digital ever-more-mobile platforms?
Keep in mind that five years ago there was no App Store, no Android or any reason think BlackBerry would not continue to dominate their market. You couldn’t own a tablet way back then either. 


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