LinkedIn® Posting v. Updates – The Difference and How to Use Both

Jan 31st, 2020 | Law Firm Marketing, Legal Marketing in Brief, Uncategorized

I have trained hundreds of lawyers to use LinkedIn®.  The training covers basic profile updates, an overview of what the platform does and how to use it to maintain frequency with Connections.

The need to understand and use LinkedIn is clear for professionals. The network has evolved and grown tremendously since its launch in May 2003, and is known as the “go to” social networking platform for business people.  It boasts over 450 million users worldwide and more than 1.2 million have a title of attorney, lawyer, general counsel or in-house counsel.

The most common question I hear is, “How do I actually use LinkedIn?”

So here you are.  Your photo and biography are updated, you’ve made a decent number of connections (maybe you even have 500!), you accept invitations on a regular basis, and you read through Updates posted by your connections and groups.  Now what?

Two of the most powerful features for networking and promotion on LinkedIn are Updates and Posts.  Here’s the difference.


Since the launch of LinkedIn, the network has allowed and promoted Updates for its users.  These Updates appear in the news feed on your Connections’ LinkedIn profiles.  The news feed is the first screen you see after logging in to your profile.  An Update is best used for a short comment and has a maximum of 600 characters.

An Update is a way to send an article linking back to your firm website, or send off a quick announcement about you and/or your firm.  For example, “I am pleased to join my partners on the list of Best/Greatest/Super Lawyers…” or “I’m excited to be speaking to the ABA’s Young Lawyers Division on September 10th”.

Sharing an article from a colleague or other professional is a common use of the Update function as well.

Updates are important, but including your material on LinkedIn Publishing maximizes your reach and value.

Publishing Posts

Publishing, also known as Pulse, was launched in 2014.  Pulse is an award-winning platform which allows you to consume news published by professionals to whom you are connected on LinkedIn.

It is an opportunity for LinkedIn users to post lengthier content, such as articles they’ve written.  The platform is used as a form of personal blogging to reach your Connections, and can be made available to those outside of your immediate network.

Posting a recent article or blog you have authored on LinkedIn Publishing is an excellent way to further the reach and promote of your expertise throughout LinkedIn’s entire platform rather than just pushing to your first-degree Connections.

How Do You Do It? 

Click here to download a quick guide to both Update and Post on LinkedIn.

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