Get Clients To Rate You On Martindale

Oct 15th, 2013 | Law Firm Marketing, Legal Marketing in Brief

We urge our clients have full listings on Martindale-Hubbell and consistently find when they do that website analytics reveal and, MH’s two online properties, are the single largest third-party sources of referral traffic to the law firm’s website.  Various studies discussed on this blog and in my book support that business owners and in-house counsel rely on MH and its ratings as much or more than any other directory or ratings when vetting new counsel or confirming a word-of-mouth referral before contacting a lawyer.

Getting an AV rating from MH is requisite, as most lawyers know.  However, many lawyers have not taken the added and important step of obtaining a “Client Rating” on MH. This is a relatively new feature.  It can only help to have such ratings— and you should ask satisfied clients if they’d take a few minutes to rate you on Martindale.  Our experience is they’re flattered you ask and happy to rate you.

Make it easy on the client.  Go to your bio page on MH and copy the link to it out of your browser.  Include that link in an email you send to your top clients.  In your email ask them to go to your bio on MH. There they should look to the right there where they can click on “Submit a review”.

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