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Common Lawyer Bio Mistakes

Feb 23rd, 2016 | Law Firm Marketing, Legal Marketing in Brief

We commonly see two mistakes in lawyer bios on firm websites, one related to ease of contact and the other regarding creating immediate credibility for a lawyer. These are important to address because the most often visited pages on your site in sum, even more than total opens of your Home page, are lawyer bio […]

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Listing all of your lawyers on the letterhead makes the wrong impression

Feb 2nd, 2016 | Law Firm Marketing, Legal Marketing in Brief, Uncategorized

(This post originally appeared as our response to a question on the Legal Marketing Association list serv). The trend for many years has been to eliminate listing all lawyers on firm letterhead.  For at least 25 years of which we are aware the move has been to personalized stationery with direct dial numbers shown. The […]

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