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Regular Attendance at Trade and Community Group Meetings: That’s Just Square One

Apr 27th, 2010 | Uncategorized

Just attending the regular meetings of trade groups and community organizations, and a working committee, is not enough. A lawyer needs to do more than that to generate the credibility needed for members to hire or refer them. One of my employment lawyer clients said last week that for two years now he has been […]

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What Puppies and Trade Groups Have in Common

Apr 16th, 2010 | Uncategorized

When I was president of our local humane society I was saddened and surprised at how common it was for pups just over 12 months of age to be surrendered at the shelter. Frustrated owners commonly said they could no longer stand their pet’s chewing and other mischief. What we knew and tried to explain […]

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LinkedIn Nets Lawyer A Six Figure Fee

Apr 9th, 2010 | Law Firm Marketing

We get a lot of questions about whether or not its worthwhile to participate in social networks such as LinkedIn. Our advice is always, “Yes, Do it, do it now“. Proof that it works. We’re in LA this week speaking about marketing effectiveness and best practices in marketing at an annual meeting of a national […]

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