Regular Attendance at Trade and Community Group Meetings: That’s Just Square One

Apr 27th, 2010 | Uncategorized

Just attending the regular meetings of trade groups and community organizations, and a working committee, is not enough. A lawyer needs to do more than that to generate the credibility needed for members to hire or refer them.

One of my employment lawyer clients said last week that for two years now he has been religiously attending his chamber of commerce’s committee on workforce issues. The committee includes employers he can and would like to represent, adn others he thinks can make referals on his behalf. He has received no work “Even though I explain to everyone at the meetings exactly what I do. It’s clear.”

Asked if he ever invited anyone on the committee to a separate lunch or coffee, if had ever had a one-on-one discussion outside of the formal committee meetings about how to mutually support each other’s business objectives, he said “No”.

That’s the missing link, the step most lawyers fail to take. And, it’s essential if you are to get results from community and trade group membership– having individual meetings outside of the group itself to discuss how to support your mutual business interests. All professionals, not just lawyers, need to have these meetings. Discover the other person’s business goals and how you can help them. Then explain your business goals and how they might help you.

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