When the speech ends, the marketing of it is hardly done

Jun 9th, 2011 | Law Firm Marketing

When you make a speech, hold a seminar or briefing for clients, prospects and referral sources the marketing effort does not end when you say good-bye at the door to those who attended.

It is a best practice to send a brief summary of the highlights (takeaways) of any speech or presentation to people who did not attend an event, whether they were invited or not. Send it to everyone who might find it helpful and with whom you would like to initiate, continue or enhance your relationship.  This maximizes the value of the time and expense put into your presentation.

It can be no more than a letter saying that in looking at your invitation list you saw the person was unable to attend. Go on and say you thought they’d be interested in a synopsis of the key points you covered. This need not be longer than a one-page letter. Close it by saying that you’d be happy to discuss the details of the techniques, structures, transactions with them personally and urge they contact you.

A slightly different version of that letter goes to those who attended your event, even if you provided handouts.  This one says: “Thanks for coming and here’s a synopsis of what we covered for your future reference.”

This effort mirrors an age-old tenet of the author of the still international best-seller, How to Win Friends and Influence People, first published in 1937 by Dale Carnegie. Carnegie said: “Tell the audience what you’re going to say, say it; then tell them what you’ve said.”  It’s how you maximize reach and frequency of your messaging to make it memorable.

You should also revise your one-page letter into a blog post.  If you don’t blog, now you know one of the many reasons why you should.

Finally, slightly rewrite your blog into an article that includes keywords you would like to show up for in the search engine results.  For example, I would include, online law firm marketing or legal marketing plans, into my post so searches for those keywords would show my article.  You should then post the article on an Internet news service, like PRWeb or MarketWire to obtain back links and traffic to your site.  You may consider offering the article to webmasters who control sites with related content and ask them to post it to their site with a link back to yours.  This will all make you easier to find on the Internet and help with the credibility of your website on the Internet.

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