Businesses That Blog Generate 5 Times More Traffic

Jan 17th, 2012 | Law Firm Marketing

Businesses that blog at least 20 times per month generate 5 times more traffic than those that blog fewer than 4 times per month,” the report reveals, adding that those businesses also generate, more importantly, 4 times as many leads. Now we’re talking, it’s not so much about traffic, it’s about case leads.

But we have to keep in mind something about those who read our blogs, whether they are subscribing to them or find our (regular) posts through search. “You like leads, but the reader wants to learn,” according to the Word of Mouth Marketing Association. “People hire experts not relentless self-promoters.”

Twenty times per month!!! I have to practice, Weiss. Got it.

Blog posts should be short. For example, what you are reading now could have been written in five minutes as a blog post with links instead of taking 40 minutes. It would have been of nearly equal effect. It would have read: “How often you should blog, and the value of blogging was revealed in a study I found this morning. Read more about how frequently you need to blog and about the value created by taking an educational versus self-promotional effort at (insert link).”

Other key indicators your site is performing well, and which we evaluate every month as part of our law firm marketing plans, are inbound link counts and page indexing. The study reveals companies that blog have nearly 10 times the number of inbound links than non-blogging competitors and 40 times the number of indexed pages than non-blogging competition on the web. In lay terms, that means bloggers have vastly more information catalogued in cyberspace that can be found by prospects and referral sources. They also have comparatively vast numbers of credible third-party sites directing people back to theirs for relevant information. It’s a cyber referral network cranking away for you 24-7.

The study was by Hubspot, the founders of which met at MIT in 2004. The company was created to capture “the transformative impacts of the internet” on businesses. This study was about B2B not B2C companies.

Our own surveys and those by American Lawyer Media and other highly credible third parties are all in agreement with these results. Every law firm’s web site should be generating regular, quality case inquiries. You should be evaluating your site it this is not happening at your business, transactional, commercial and defense litigation group.

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