Blogging Dramatically Increases Website Visits and LEADS

Jan 22nd, 2012 | Law Firm Marketing

I recently posted here saying that a new study reveals blogging dramatically increases web site visits and LEADS.

Now there’s more evidence that social media will increase revenue and that it must be fully considered for your law firm marketing plan mix. Although this latest survey was not specific to professional services we take careful note of it– so thus far every social media trend we’ve first seen in B2C has soon translated B2B.

The latest data comes from Ogilvy, a behemoth marketing communications agency, working in tandem with the analytics firm ChatThread. They conducted a poll to determine if customers spent more money when exposed to a brand’s message in social media.

The result: consumers spend two to seven times as much on a branded product when they see social media about it compared to those who do not. The increase is even greater when yet another form of promotion is employed in the communications mix. In the study, spending jumped another 17 percent when the buyer was exposed to PR.

This all confirms social media as a best practice that in tandem with more traditional promotion can maximize revenue.

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