Timing of announcing law firm has moved to new offices

Oct 20th, 2009 | Uncategorized

How far in advance should you notify clients and referral sources that you are relocating your law offices?

In our experience, as soon as people get a new address or phone they update their records and start using it. So, we recommend you send the notice of the move to those who are outside your local area on the Wednesday before the Monday you arrive in the new offices, and to local contacts and vendors on Thursday. If you send the information out before people can use it, say, by several weeks, recipients lose it. We learned this the hard way– a client once showed up at new offices the week before a firm moved.

Many of our clients send their move announcement via email. Some take pictures of their new lobby and conference facilities, and the exterior of their new building if it is well-known and recognizable. Directions also are helpful.

Don’t forget to update your Web site with this new information, as well.

A new location can bolster the good impressions made through the rest of your law firm marketing plan. A seamless transition to anew location anecdotally confirms how efficiently and effectively you handle legal matters.

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