New Survey Shows Value of SEO and Online Marketing

Jan 24th, 2010 | Uncategorized

We’re compiling the results from our latest bi-annual National Marketing Effectiveness Survey of Corporate, Transactional and Defense Firms. As trends emerge from the data, we’ll be issuing alerts.

Here’s our first:

Nearly half of all firms– a dramatic increase from two years ago– report they are using formal search engine optimization (SEO) in an attempt to generate cases directly and by referral. And, 24% percent of the firms using SEO say they are getting desirable cases from their SEO.

Online marketing, long ago effectively adopted and today considered a must by most all personal injury, consumer bankruptcy and family law practices, is now proven to be an effective tactic for business lawyers and commerical litigators, as well. SEO must be considered for the mix of tactics when writing or evaluating any law firm marketing plan.

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