Tracey Blake


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Tracey Blake is a shareholder of the firm. She understands how law firms work from the ground up and applies her knowledge and experience of building and running a successful wholesale and Internet retail business to the legal services market.

She began her legal career as a receptionist, became a legal assistant and eventually a law firm administrator working in commercial, traditional torts, insurance and criminal defense firms. She joined Alyn-Weiss in 1997 to serve as its administrator, manage special events and oversee media placement and graphics production. By 2005, the firm had tripled in size and she hired her replacement. She then founded Tracey Lynn Golf, a women’s golf apparel and activewear company. Tracey Lynn found success in both the wholesale and online retail market and her patterns were eventually licensed to a third party paving Tracey’s return to Alyn-Weiss. Her clothing line was stocked and sold by the largest retailers in the golf industry and received numerous design awards and national media attention.

Tracey now combines her knowledge of law firms with an understanding of design, demographics, market research, manufacturing, distribution, publicity, trade shows, social media promotion— Facebook, Pinterest and blogging in particular– plus website development and e-commerce to the evolving marketing models in legal services.

Tracey Blake