Our Ideal Client

We recently read a Legal Marketing Association (LMA) annual conference brochure which included a chart starkly reminding Alyn-Weiss of our market position. The pie chart showed that 89 percent of those who attended the LMA conference last year were marketers from firms with more than 100 lawyers, and that 68 percent were from law firms with more than 250 lawyers.

In other words, it’s really a marketing conference for Big Law, not the other 10,000+ firms in the country.

Big Law aren’t our clients. Those are the firms against which our local and regional law firm clients merrily and successfully compete.

Our clients range in size from boutiques with fewer than 10 lawyers to regional firms of 90 attorneys. These are firms where an entrepreneurial spirit, the same entrepreneurial spirit that drives Alyn-Weiss, permeates the enterprise. It’s where lawyers-owners look at strategy and evaluate tactics as they affect them and their clients directly, not in an institutional abstract sense.

The practice of law, from where we see it, is a relationship business. It always has been so for our clients and their referral sources. It always will be.

That belief was recently reconfirmed in a poll appearing on Attorney At Work, a notable legal blog.  Asked what skills they thought would be most critical to their future business development personal connections appeared second on the list of attributes behind emotional intelligence   Second from the bottom of the list of 15 attributes “… important for a lawyer’s success in this changing world” was a brand. 

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