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Best practices for updating your online biography

Sep 19th, 2011 | Law Firm Marketing

A best practice is to list representative matters in which you have been involved on your biography on your law firm website. The test for that list being most effective for referring and retaining lawyers is: The representative matters shows familiarity with a potential client’s industry, say, oil and gas The list shows familiarity/experience with […]

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Study shows weak online profiles thwart the power of personal recommendations

Sep 7th, 2011 | Law Firm Marketing, Uncategorized

Research has long shown nothing is more powerful than a word-of-mouth recommendation from a trusted source, but a new study shows failing to fully back it up by properly managing your online reputation will quickly subvert the hard work you invested to get someone to pass your name along. In other words, due to the […]

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Get maximum traditional and online media coverage for you and your firm

Sep 1st, 2011 | Law Firm Marketing

Media coverage, including comments and linking by influential bloggers, can create credibility for lawyers and firms, and result in file and case inquiries. Here’s the outline of a mechanism that can help maximize traditional and online media coverage for you and your firm: Create a list of publications and blogs, including any key trade publications […]

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Voted “Best Legal Marketing Firm” three years in a row

Aug 30th, 2011 | Uncategorized

Alyn-Weiss & Associates has been voted Barrister’s Best – Best Legal Marketing Firm by legal administrators and attorneys in Law Week Colorado.   Bob Weiss was acknowledged this year as one of Colorado’s best known legal marketers and also for his recently published book, Legal Marketing in Brief® which is available in print and on […]

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Marketing effectiveness is indeterminable if lawyer business development time is not formally tracked

Aug 25th, 2011 | Law Firm Marketing

A law firm must track the time its lawyers spend on marketing. The reason: you can’t evaluate and manage what you don’t measure. It is an old management adage that is still accurate today. Unless you measure something you don’t know if it is getting better or worse, and you can’t properly construct your law […]

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How to market an insurance defense firm

Aug 22nd, 2011 | Law Firm Marketing

Every insurance defense lawyer would like to be able to charge higher hourly rates. Over the decades nearly every insurance defense law firm marketing plan we’ve written has included this as a goal. It makes sense to represent former commercial insureds directly, or in matters where the client has a self-insured retention and control selection […]

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Showing genuine interest in others leads to higher billing rates

Jul 19th, 2011 | Law Firm Marketing, Uncategorized

Recent studies of how lawyers and non-lawyers find and evaluate legal counsel confirm the practice of law has always been a relationship business and remains a relationship business despite the growing importance and use of the Internet. In combination, the studies indicate that a genuine relationship based on providing relevant information leads to higher hourly […]

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When the speech ends, the marketing of it is hardly done

Jun 9th, 2011 | Law Firm Marketing

When you make a speech, hold a seminar or briefing for clients, prospects and referral sources the marketing effort does not end when you say good-bye at the door to those who attended. It is a best practice to send a brief summary of the highlights (takeaways) of any speech or presentation to people who […]

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How To Answer “What Do You Do For A Living?”

May 26th, 2011 | Law Firm Marketing, Uncategorized

I recently learned a better way to remember and construct the answer to the most important and most common marketing question lawyers are asked. The question:  What do you do for a living? The answer: “I + (action word) + (target market) + (problem solved or benefit provided).” Many refer to this answer as your […]

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Studies Show: Schwag Works and is Cost Effective

Apr 20th, 2011 | Law Firm Marketing

Certain marketing tactics are controversial.  Some are not.  Putting your firm’s logo on a gift or other promotional item falls into the latter category.  Here’s research on the effectiveness of and trends in the use of “schwag.” A study conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), which admittedly has a dog in the fight, claims […]

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